Percentage of Canadian households that were food insecure in 2017-2018 census


Percentage of food insecure Canadian families using foodbanks

This is Why We Started Harvest Skies Inc

Household Food Insecurity in Canada

ONE in EIGHT households in Canada during 2017-2018 were food insecure meaning some 4.5 million people including over 1 million children, were living in food insecure households.

Harvest Skies facilities offer a solution for food insecurity by placing farming ECO-Systems anywhere in Canada.  Anywhere that families need assurance of a regular and healthy food supply.

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How Much Water Does a Strawberry Use?

In traditi‚Äčonal farming, one acre of strawberries uses about 110,000 liters of water per week.

Harvest skies will reduce this water use by 99% in our sustainable closed loop water nutrition system.

About Us

Locally grown 100% organic, chemical and pesticide fee produce provided to grocery stores and wholesale food outlets across Ontario and Canada.

100% Organic

All produce provided by Harvest Skies is 100% organic offering a truly healthy value food source to our customers.

No Bugs

Produced in a controlled environment, Harvest Skies offers clean, safe produce to our customers.  Food safety is the #1 priority at Harvest Skies.


Produce that avoids depleting or damaging our earth's resources ensuring a sustainable food source for local communities...worldwide.

Seasonal Fruits & Vegetables 
365 days of the year

Organic food is food produced by methods that comply with the standards of organic farming.


Packaging that can be recycled.  No waste - completely sustainable

Just Perfect

Grown without chemicals so you and your family get what you deserve.


Fresh, clean and ready.  Picked, packed, shipped and ready for you and your family.